Wedding Breakdown

Flying from Anywhere, USA -

3 Airports - John Wayne Airport (Closest to Dana Point), San Diego Airport, LAX (LAX is approximately 30 miles closer than San Diego)

You will want to consider flying in on Thursday at the latest. The wedding will start at 9:30am on Friday morning. Most airports make it easy to rent a car.

Lodging - You will want to book at the Dana Point Marina Inn. We have secured a low rate and it is close to the Dana Point Yacht Club. We will have a shuttle that will take you to the Yacht Club and bring you back to get your luggage. The ferry is walkable from the drop off point at the Dana Point Marina Inn.

The Wedding at Dana Point Yacht Club -

We will start the wedding at 9:30am on Friday, March 4th. We will provide light breakfast items and an open bar. After the ceremony, we will have a seated/plated lunch with dancing. At 1:45pm we will need to start heading back to the Dana Point Marina Inn to pickup our luggage and walk to over to the ferry to get on the Ferry. The Ferry leaves at 2:30pm SHARP. We will hand out tickets and parking passes at the wedding - we will provide the ticket over but you will need to buy your ticket back as we have no idea when anyone plans to return. Please also use the parking pass spreadsheet below to purchase your parking passes ahead of time.

Catalina - We do not have a housing block setup on Catalina but there are many options, including Air BnB's. After the Wedding Ceremony, we will be taking the ferry to Catalina (we are paying for your ticket over to the island but you will need to purchase your ticket back prior to the day of the wedding). The ferry that we take over will be the last ferry of the day. You will need to secure housing for Friday night at the least. We hope many of you will stay longer and enjoy the island!

**When packing for the trip, please remember that a minimal amount of luggage will help you when traveling to and from Catalina.

Once you arrive on Catalina Island, you will have time to check into your lodging and relax before the After Party begins at the Catalina Island Museum. Exhibits will be open and we have a band for everyone to enjoy. Additionally, we will be providing alcohol and pizza from the local favorite pizza place.

On Saturday, we will provide a brunch at Tremont Hall. We have rented the hall all day and hope it will serve as a meeting place for everyone to swing by and have a general place to gather. Saturday night, we will be hosting a Karaoke Night at Tremont Hall. Most things on the island are walkable and you can find it using your GPS.

Things to Remember:

  1. Have you booked your flight?

  2. Have you rented a car?

  3. Have you booked your housing at the Dana Point Marina Inn?

  4. Have you signed up to have us buy your parking pass (You'll need one to park while on Catalina)?

  5. Do you have a place to stay on at least Friday night on Catalina Island?

  6. Do you have formal attire for the wedding and formal/ sparkly cocktail attire for the After Party? (outfit change NOT required)

Please know that every best effort is being made to support safety protocols. Most of the venues are outdoors or have outdoor options to still enjoy our wedding event! The Dana Point Yacht Club/Dana Point Marina Inn/Catalina Island Museum have their own set of protocols they are required to follow to ensure safety to the best of their ability.