Our Pricing Is Sweet & Simple

Print OnDemand

  • Free Setup (We build a customer facing store and upon request a client facing store for you to purchase at wholesale)

  • No Minimums

  • Wholesale Pricing (we pay extra to provide all clients with wholesale pricing to maximize profits)

  • No Monthly Fees

  • No Inventory Management

  • 5 - 7 day delivery on all products to your customers

  • No Overhead Costs

  • No Shipping/Packaging Management

  • We handle all customer service questions

  • US Print Shops

  • 50/50 Revenue Share

DROPSHIPPING OR OnDemand 3hr Training (1on1)

  • $199 Setup Fee

  • We build your store together and teach you how to build a Dropshipping store OR OnDemand Branded Product Store with options for 1,000's of products with your brand logo

  • We Transfer Ownership of the store we create together for you to test and update.

  • We will continue to be a resource to you after the transfer of your store and after the 3hr class

  • Access to the MyMerchify Exclusive Chat Room to Network with other Entrepreneurs

  • Access to Monthly Trainings for Free


  • $100 Setup Fee

  • Shopify Setup with US based Warehouse Integration

  • Stock your store with products based on your preferences

  • Assist In Launching Your First FB Ad

  • Provide Resources AFTER we transfer ownership to you

  • Invite you to our Monthly Entrepreneur Zoom Meeting to share experiences and boost revenue

  • Invite to our EXCLUSIVE online chatroom to network with other entrepreneurs


  • $350 Setup Fee

  • $0 Marketing Support Fee

  • $0 Monthly Fee

  • $0 Inventory Fee

  • $0 Design Fees (I have a great designer)

  • $0 Inventory Management Fee

  • $0 Customer Support Fee

  • $0 Product Updates

What Products Do You Have? - Below you will find options for a Print Ondemand Store. We can source almost anything and show you how for Dropshipping. Stay up with the latest trends!